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Fenix Games - Next Generation Publishing

Historically, the gaming sector has had participants that provided a market or platform for both gamers and game developers. We had this in the console with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. We also had this with Mobile in Apple and Google. In both platforms, an entire market was created and facilitated the bringing of players and game makers to provide services that ensured an ecosystem to allow consumption of content.

However, for Blockchain Gaming, this market does not exist currently. The chains represent a potential platform similar to prior gaming cycles, but at this stage, do not appear to be focused on building the market for gamers. We believe that this is temporary as the primary apps on chains are going to be gaming. The infrastructure, tools and support just does not exist. We believe there is an opportunity for the role of Publishing to elevate its role in the gaming ecosystem.

More experienced gaming devs are moving into expanding into new models and platforms post structural shifts, such as IDFA/ATT. In addition, game developers have been accustomed to having this market/ecosystem have largely formed and created studios around having this infrastructure in place. With this gap, we have seen a very narrow set of games being developed for blockchain.

We believe that there is a structural gap – We aim to fill this gap with a redefined Publishing group that leverages some of the traditional publishing functions, but with a new function. Just like in mobile F2P there was a blending of analytics and the Product Management (“PM”) function to launch, scale, and operate live services, we believe blockchain gaming will see a similar ‘blending’ of functions.

The functions will be rooted in PM, but take disciplines and capabilities from financial services, principally Asset Management. We believe the combination of these two disciplines can fill the gap we are currently experiencing. We are calling this new function Game Market Economies (“GME”).

GME in its simplest terms will create the market for a game or games to maximize the potential players for a game. A key function of GME will be to scale the community ahead of game launching. Similar to the function of live operations which was created to sustain a game post launch for years, we believe GME will play a vital role in the months and even years ahead of a game launch. This activity is required to fill the gap in what used to be filled by the platform owners.

Fenix Games will focus on the marriage of GME and Live operations to provide publishing services to all game models – premium, free to play, and blockchain gaming across all platforms.

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